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ÔĽŅÔĽŅ What is this Church? The Augsburg Confession, which we affirm as a Lutheran congregation, gives us a definition. ‚ÄúThe Church is the assembly of saints where the Gospel is preached in its purity, and the holy sacraments are administered according to the Gospel‚ÄĚ (AC VII:1). So, what is the Church?
A Hospital
A disease strikes, and you need help in fighting the illness. So you go to a hospital. The doctor diagnoses and prescribes the cure. Now, if your illness or injuries are severe, you may be in intensive care for a long time, receiving medication and treatment. For healing may take a while, as you recover your strength and, perhaps later, go through rehabilitation.
In this Church, you are the sick patient, and Doctor Jesus comes to heal you. Why? ‚ÄúThose who are healthy don‚Äôt need a doctor, but the sick do‚Ķ. For I didn‚Äôt come to call the righteous, but sinners‚ÄĚ (Matt 9:12-13). The Healer uses His Commandments like a scan and blood test to reveal where the sickness of sin is afflicting you.
In this hospital, we are all patients who need our doctor, Jesus, to heal us. The disease of sin and death infect us, and Jesus provides us with the life-restoring medicine. A blessed restoration comes our way, as we also encourage and help others, for one person may be stronger than another.
Still, no one‚Äôs flesh is free from sin‚Äôs corruption until the Last Day. On the Day of our Lord‚Äôs return, the hospice is over. A sin-free, death-free life‚ÄĒin both body and soul‚ÄĒwill be ours.

A Body
Another picture of the Church is of a body (1 Cor 12). Now, this is not any, old body‚ÄĒbut the Body of Christ Himself! The Lord Jesus is the Head, and we are the members, the body parts (Col 1:18, 1 Cor 12:27). To be part of a body means we are not individual members who do whatever we want. Think of an ear demanding to be an eye! ‚ÄúFor as a body, though one, contains many parts, and its many parts form one body, so also with Christ‚ÄĚ (1 Cor 12:12).
In this Body, we belong to someone greater than ourselves. To survive and live, we need the Head, Christ Jesus‚ÄĒand one another. The portrait of the Church as a body shows we cannot cut ourselves off from one another on a whim. No one cuts off a finger or toe unless he must!
The Holy Spirit grafts us into our Lord‚Äôs Body, connecting us to one another because we are attached to Jesus Himself. ‚ÄúSo, if one part suffers, every member suffers, and if one part receives an honor, every member rejoices‚ÄĚ (1 Cor 12:26). In this Body of Christ, we are joined and strengthened to live together in Him, which includes the Body and Blood He delivers to us in His Sacred Meal!

A Bride
In their epistles, both Peter and Paul promote a radical way of viewing oneself, which involved a reversal of first-century, social values. In ancient times, the ideal person is someone independent, with much money and political influence, self-sufficient, needing no one.
The Church is the reverse. The person is dependent, relying on and needing others, like a wife, child, or a servant in the first century. So, Scripture calls the Church ‚Äúthe Bride of Christ‚ÄĚ (Rev 21:9). All Christians are children of God and servants of Christ.
The Christian is no longer the master, with an earned status, wealth, or power. For if someone comes to the Father based on who he is in himself, his righteousness, he only secures eternal death (Rom 6:23).
The point of justification by faith, with faith being a gift the Almighty creates in someone, is not to rely on yourself but Him (Rom 3:28, Eph 2:8-9). So, being under God is the norm for those brought into His Church. All Christians are secondary to their Savior, to God the Father, and to His ways (Eph 5:21-23, Heb 12:9, James 4:7, 1 Pet 2:13). To be a Christian is to be under the Lord‚Äôs leadership and authority‚ÄĒif not, someone is not a Christian.

A Family
The Church is a family. The Bible tells us Christians are ‚Äúchildren of God‚ÄĚ (Gal 3:26). We also learn God is our Father, Jesus is our Brother, and the Church is our Mother (Heb 2:11, Gal 4:26).
Considered the third greatest theologian in Lutheranism, Johann Gerhard wrote: The holy Church of God is a mother, a virgin, and a bride. A mother because every day she gives birth to spiritual children of God. A virgin because she keeps herself blameless from any association with the devil and the world. A bride because Christ promised her to Himself in an eternal covenant and gave her the pledge of the Spirit.
The Church, and her local gathering, in particular, are family. By Jesus’ blood, we become blood relatives and should realize ourselves to be family.
The Spirit breathes spiritual life in us, bringing us into the Father’s family when we are born from above in Holy Baptism (John 3:3, 5). Mother Church nurtures us in this life of faith as she feeds us on the words and the Body and Blood of our brother Jesus.
What does this mean? God makes us family. Now, brother and sisters may bicker and argue, but they are still siblings in the family. Nothing changes this reality.
A family also strives to work out problems‚ÄĒto live like who we are in Christ Jesus. How can we run away when life batters and bruises us? To do so is to flee from our brothers and sisters. No, we choose to live together in the peace our Lord Jesus gives us, learn to confess our sins, and pray for one another (James 5:16).
The Church is the Father’s creation because, in her, we receive the new life He gives us in His Son, our Redeemer.

May we understand and love her, as we grow in faith, trusting in Jesus all the more for our salvation.

Pastor Wagner

Registered Visitors at First Trinity for February/March 2019

(Visitors who filled out cards.)

Feb 24 Church Canceled due to weather.

Mar 3 Andrew Zimmerman ‚Äď Beatrice, NE &¬†Daileejo Whaley ‚Äď Plymouth, NE

Mar 6 Natasha Martin ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Sarah Mann ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Bailey Bannister ‚Äď Omaha, NE;¬†Phyllis Burger ‚Äď Woodbury, MN

Mar 10 Philip/Andrea & Mallory Nelson ‚Äď Prairie Village,¬†KS;¬†Norbert Meyer ‚Äď Beatrice, NE

Mar 13 Natasha Martin ‚Äď Beatrice, NE

Mar 17 Norbert Meyer ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Lyle Osborn ‚Äď Lenexa, KS;¬†Andrew Zimmerman ‚Äď Beatrice, NE

Mar 20 Norbert Meyer ‚Äď Beatrice, NE


Church Offering Income for the Month of February: $8,227.08



David Barnard         4                 Carolyn Brott                 24

Mariah Brandt         7                 Nathan Haussler           25

Kris McAllister        14               Karen Reynolds             28

Jonathan Schleufer 20             Brian Genrich                 29


Victoria Barnard    1                Peter Spilker                9

Lydia Niemeier        1                Taylor Koch                10

David Wollenburg 1                 Michelle Malchow 12

Darin Pohlmann      3                Deanna Beethe        15

Jesse Wagner           4                Orma Hahn                 19

Wayne Ossowski    5                 Karen Pfingsten       20

Zachary Eyer            6                  Jim Nelson                  24

Daniel Bennett         7                 Nathan Haussler     25

Grant Bennett          8                 Kris McAllister          28


Leonard/Joan Burger              5

David/Adena Wollenburg    17

Ron/Michelle Malchow         20

 *If your birthday, baptismal birthday, or anniversary date is missing from our lists, please contact the church office so we can include it next year.


 First Trinity Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Elder Allen Pfingsten at 7:35 pm. Allen Pfingsten gave an opening prayer. The minutes of the council meeting were approved as presented. Russell Behrends presented the Financial Secretary's report. The Treasurer's report was supplied by Ron Malchow and read by Dean Damme. Income received from Financial Secretary for February was $8,227.08, expenses $11,351.34, with an ending balance of $14,960.55. Motion was made to accept financial reports by Dean Damme. Seconded by Russell Behrends. Motion carried. (see reports)

Elders‚Äô Report ‚Äď

* Next month’s meeting will be April 9, with the Elders meeting at 7:30 pm and council at 8:30 pm.

Pastor‚Äôs Report ‚Äď Not present, no report.

Trustee‚Äôs Report ‚Äď Not present, no report.

* Dean Damme reported that he fixed the sliding kitchen serving window with new retaining pins and metal receivers.

* No update on cross.

Stewardship / Board of Education ‚Äď Not present, no report.

Sunday School Superintendent - Not present, no report.

Cemetery Sexton ‚Äď Walt Neumann

* Will need help filling in holes this spring.

Old Business

* Contract has been signed with Diode Technologies for $2,344.90, to install Networking/Wi-Fi in the church for video purposes.

New Business - * None.

Motion to adjourn by Dean Damme. Seconded by Russell Behrends. Motion carried. Meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 7:45 pm. Members present include: Allen Pfingsten, Dean Damme, Walter Neumann, Russell Behrends and Kyle Spilker.

Submitted by Secretary Kyle Spilker.