PASTOR'S PAGE...........................DECEMBER 2018

Advent is here! This year for our Advent Midweek Vespers Services we will look at three events from Luke 1 that precede the incarnation of our Lord, the birth of Jesus Christ.

The first of these is the Annunciation where the angel Gabriel comes to Mary and proclaims that she is with child. The text for this service which will be on December 5 is from Luke 1:26-38. The title for this sermon will be: ‚ÄúAt the Presence of the Lord.‚ÄĚ

The second sermon in this Advent series is the Visitation where the pregnant Mary visits the pregnant Elizabeth and John the Baptist leaps in the womb of Elizabeth. Then Mary gives us the Magnificat which we will sing on each of the Midweek Advent Services. The text for this service which will be on December 12 is from Luke 1:39-56. The title for this sermon will be: ‚ÄúGods and Daughters.‚ÄĚ

The third sermon in this Advent series is the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Here Zechariah is told by the angel Gabriel that his wife is going to have a child and Zechariah doubts and is sentenced to nearly a year of silence. He is able to speak again when he indicates that the child‚Äôs name would be John. Then Zechariah gives us the words for the Benedictus. The text for this service which will be on December 19 is from Luke 1:57-80. The title for this sermon will be: ‚ÄúRemember.‚ÄĚ

During our Advent Vespers services, we will also be reading Psalm 97 each of the three evenings; and, to approach our readings from a different angle, these sermons begin with Psalm 97 in order to extol the joy of Luke 1. This is not to say that Psalm 97 is somehow directly referencing the events of St. Luke’s first chapter, but certainly the Lord’s truth remains consistent in both. We thus rejoice that the mighty God of the Psalms is the same as the One who lies swaddled in Bethlehem, all for our salvation and joy.

Advent greetings to you.

Pastor Wagner

Church Offering Income for the Month of October: $7,784.44


KWBE Price Change for 2019:

Beginning January 6, 2019, the KWBE Radio Broadcast Announcements will cost $115.00 per service. Please take note of this!


Registered Visitors at First Trinity for October/November 2018 - (Visitors who filled out cards.)


Oct 28 Rosie Hill ‚Äď Fairbury, NE;¬†Norbert Meyer ‚Äď Beatrice, NE¬†

Nov 4 Bonnie Yoder ‚Äď Omaha, NE;¬†Elaine Champ ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Larry/Judy Schwartz ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Rachelle, Jarrett & Kale Koch ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Norbert Meyer ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Jayme Sederberg ‚Äď Beatrice, NE

Nov 11 Helen Burger ‚Äď DeWitt, NE;¬†Beth, Ella & Seth Kuhlman ‚Äď Rolla, MO;¬†Paul Ryalund;¬†Norbert Meyer ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;

Jeremiah/Karen, Katie, Lauren & Carter Johnsen - Grand Island, NE

Nov 18 Gary/Kathy Adams ‚Äď Bakersfield, CA;¬†Dianna & Adam Bannister ‚Äď Omaha, NE;¬†

Nov 21 Norbert Meyer ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Helen Burger ‚Äď DeWitt, NE;¬†Charlotte Parris ‚Äď Beatrice, NE;¬†Lorraine Flaming ‚Äď Inman, KS;¬†Scott Flaming ‚Äď Hutchinson, KS;¬†Logan Spilker ‚Äď Lincoln, NE



Tom Brandt                1                Katie Schleufer                     15

Dana Schleufer        1               Braelyn Johnson                   15

Gerald Pohlmann    2               Kellie Eyer                                19

Lee Beethe                  3               Joshua Malchow                   19

Jeffery Kettelhut    3                Russell Behrends                  23

Heather Warnken  10             Kyle Spilker                              27

Eric Eyer*                     11            Daniel Bennett                       27

Arthur Morris            11            Brooke Koch                            28

Crystal Jordening    12            Aaron Zimmerman              30


LaVern Niemeier        4            Braelyn Johnson                 21

David Niemeier          5             Gerald Pohlmann               22

Jackson Spilker          14           Myron Belding                    23

Katie Genrich             18           John Niemeier                    25

Tom Brandt                  20           Lee Beethe                           28

Ana Kettelhut              20


James/Kim Franzen               4

Jeffrey/Renee Kettelhut     5

Brent/Jane Niemeier            11

Harlan*/Tami Schmidt           21

Kevin*/Tessie* Smith              21

Frank*/Toni Lisec                       27

*If your birthday, baptismal birthday, or anniversary date is missing from our lists, please contact the church office so we can include it next year.


First Trinity Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2018

Meeting was called to order by church Vice-President Brent Niemeier. Pastor Wagner gave an opening devotion with a reading from John chapter 4. Minutes of the October council meeting were approved as read.

Russell Behrends presented the Financial Secretary report. The Treasurer report was presented by Ron Malchow. Income for October was $7,784.44, expenses $12,391.05, with an ending balance of $19,130.84. Motion was made to accept financial reports by Allen Pfingsten. Seconded by Dean Damme. Motion carried. (see reports)

Elders‚Äô Report ‚Äď Brent Niemeier

  • Next month‚Äôs meeting will be December 11th with the Elders meeting at 6:30 pm and council at 7:30 pm.

Pastor‚Äôs Report ‚Äď Pastor Timothy Wagner

  • Baptized Oliver Lee Nickel on November 4th.

  • Will have a funeral for William Winterstein on Friday, November 16th.

  • Marriage of Lee Beethe and Anissa Cordry was on October 19th.

  • Thanksgiving Eve service will be November 21st at 7:30 pm.

  • Midweek Advent services start December 5th. Services will begin at 7:30 pm.

Trustee’s Report - Darin Pohlmann

  • Installed a longer downspout on the northeast corner of the church to keep the water from coming into the church basement.

  • Have not heard back from Paul Davis Restoration on a timeframe for steeple repair.

  • Will be looking for bids to paint the soffit on the north side of the church.

  • Put in a new switch on the sump pump in the parsonage for approximately $40.

  • A new door has been ordered for the microwave in the church parsonage.

  • An animal has been digging a hole on the west side of the church. They think it is a badger. Signs of digging have been noticed in other locations as well.

  • Replaced the main rope on the church bell.

Stewardship / Board of Education ‚Äď not present

  • Christmas Eve program is called ‚ÄúConfessing Chrismons‚ÄĚ.

Cemetery Sexton ‚Äď Walt Neumann

  • Nothing to report.

Old Business

  • Dean is looking into a new CD recorder for the back of church to record Sunday services. Cost range appears to be $250 - $450. He is currently having troubles with the reliability of the current one as it will stop 41 minutes into the recording.

New Business

  • Pastor has received a letter from James and Joyce Wenzbauer requesting the transfer of their family membership. Motion by Brent Niemeier to accept the transfer of Jim, Joyce, Alisyn, and Alex Wenzbauer to Our Savior Lutheran Church in Odell, NE. Seconded by Allen Pfingsten. Motion carried.

  • Jim‚Äôs position on the board of Trustees will need to be filled by appointment per by-laws.

Motion to adjourn by Russ Behrends. Seconded by Ron Malchow. Motion carried. Meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Members present include: Brent Niemeier, Pastor Wagner, Allen Pfingsten, Russell Behrends, Ron Malchow, Walt Neumann, Dan Bennett, Darin Pohlmann, and Dean Damme.

Submitted by Secretary Dean Damme.