PASTOR'S PAGE..........................................................JUNE  2024

This month I would like to update you on a couple of personal things.

First, my health. On April 21, I had a health episode that started about an hour before service time. It turns out that I had a dissection in my superior mesenteric artery. This artery provides blood to the intestines or bowel. Had they been deprived of blood too long they could have died and would have had to be removed.

Thank the Lord that was not the case. After being diagnosed in Beatrice, I was sent rather quickly to Bryan East in Lincoln where all sorts of doctors and surgeons were waiting for me. They kept saying that this could be very serious. One doctor that checked the bowels after the surgery told me the Dr. Um saved my life. Indeed, we give thanks for the Lord working through this doctor and all those who cared for me.

A stent was put in the artery that was dissected or torn. It was put in through an artery in my left arm. After the surgery that arm was very uncomfortable for almost three weeks especially at night. Pain killers didn’t seem to help, so, an ultrasound was taken to see what the problem was. I had a fistula, which is an artery and a vein that somehow got connected together. The cure: time. On day 19 and 20 after the surgery it seemed that the arm was much better and has been since them. Praise the Lord!

A huge thank you to Dean and Brent who, with basically no warning, jumped in and led the service. And thank you to all of you for the prayers, well-wishes and get-well gifts and cards.

On another note, you have probably heard by now that Cynthia and I have purchased a home. We purchased the Fox Funeral Home in Plymouth. We are currently working on readying it that we may move in. It will be a few months before that is ready. We have been cleaning windows, floors and walls. We are removing some carpet and tile and sanding some floors below the carpet getting it ready for a new finish. We will be putting in some new flooring in a few rooms as well as some new wall coverings. There have been additions to the electric wiring and plumbing. There are two out buildings that are in need of new roofs as well as scraping and painting the exterior walls. So, we have been quite busy on weekends and some evenings doing all that work. Thankfully, we have had some of our children there to help every weekend since we have bought the house. Most days when we go there, we take a van or trailer load of things with us to make it easier to move when that time comes. My health slowed down that work in the beginning, but now I am feeling well and able to do most of what I could do before my episode.

Have a great Summer,

Pastor Wagner


Church Offering Income for the Month of April 2024:  $7,048.56.



Ethan McAllister        3          Andie  K och     16

Nathanael Prince       3          Michael Hinz    24

Lyvia Nickel                   4          Gracin Hahn     25

Mora Nickel                  5          Henryk Neumann  29

Samuel Hahn                7          Curtis Reynolds      30


Renee Kettelhut        3            Arthur Hahn         19

Abby Schuck                6            Samuel Hahn        20

Angela Belding          8            Ethan McAllister  21

Judy Pohlmann         8           Arlene Smith            24

Michael Sothan        13        Nathanael Prince   27

Walter Neumann     17


Dan/Carolyn Bennett               1

John/Lydia Niemeier                 4

Kyle/Betsy Spilker                     11

Lee/Sara Nickel                           12

Matthew/Carolyn Brott         14

Pastor Tim/Cynthia Wagner  21

Aaron*/Abby Schuck                  30


April 28:  Pastor James Fandry - Lincoln, NE; Harley Hashberger - Mankato, KS, Rosie Hill - Fairbury, NE.

May 5:  Lisa Bluege - Belvidere, IL;  Harley Hashberger - Mankato, KS.

May 12:  Randy/Lisa Schmitt - Grant, NE;  Dianna Bannister - Omaha, NE.

May 19:   Lyle Osborn - Lenexa, KS.


The meeting was called to order by President Russell Behrends at 8:30 p.m.  Pastor Wagner gave a devotion from Luke Chapter 24.  Eight members were present.  Ron Malchow moved to approve the minutes of the April 9, 2024 meeting.  Kyle Spilker seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Financial Secretary Report - Ron Malchow.  General income for the April General Fund was $7,048.86, with total income at $7,189.79.  The Savings balance was $83,061.18.  The Treasurer Report was provided by Kyle Spilker.  His report showed a 4/30/24 balance of $51,794.50.  April expenses totaled $10,523.41.  Income from the Financial Secretary totaled $7,189.79.  The beginning balance as of 4/1/24 was $54,775.10. (Financial Reports are attached).  Brent Niemeier moved to approve the Financial Reports.  The motion was seconded by Ron Malchow and carried.

Elder's Report - Dean Damme.  Next month's meeting will be held June 11, 2024 with the Elders' Meeting at 7:30 p.m. and the Council Meeting at 8:30 p.m.  A cake and card shower will be held on October 13th for Carolyn Bennett 40th Anniversary in Christian Education.

Pastor's Report - Pastor Wagner.  Pastor Wagner thanked Brent Niemeier and Dean Damme for covering the Sunday worship service on short notice when Pastor was ill last month.

Trustee's Report - Jim Nelson.  Not Present.  Kyle Spilker reported that the church phone system with Diode Communications (Fiber Phone) has been updated.  Pastor stated the church line to the parsonage is not ringing now.

Stewardship/Board of Education Report - John Niemeier.  Not present but left a report saying St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Beatrice has not set 2024-2025 tuition rates.

Cemetery Sexton - David Faulder - Total cemetery funds are $56,994.12 plus accrued interest and deposits.  The flags for Memorial Day Veterans gravestones are in.  Mr. Faulder is getting a plan for setting flags out and getting them in.

CD-8228 paid $330.09 in interest March 20, 2024, for a total of $610.21, first quarter interest.

Kyle Spilker has been in contact with the family of Leonard Burger regarding memorial money use.  The family is drawing up a proposal for use at the cemetery.  One idea was that four corner pillars be installed on the grounds representing the four Gospels.

Unfinished Business - None presented.

New Business - The 150th First Trinity Anniversary Committee met on April 22nd.  Three subcommittees were formed.  They are the Entertainment Committee, Publicity Coommittee and the Memorabilia Committee.  Their next meeting will be 5/20/24.  Funding of the celebration was discussed.  Ideas for celebration include a cook book, church  picture directory, catered meal and tents.  A more detailed cost list is needed for the Church Council.  A motion was made by Dean Damme to adjourn, seconded by Ron Malchow.  Motion carried.

The meeting was closed with the Lord's Prayer at 8:48 p.m.  Memmbers present were:  Dave Barnard; Russell Behrends; Pastor Wagner; Dean Damme; David Faulder; Ron Malchow; Brent Niemeier and Kyle Spilker.

Respectfully submitted Dave Barnard, Secretary Approved.