PASTOR'S PAGE.....April 2022

When Peter and John ran to the tomb on Easter morning, they saw something which we tend to pass over without noticing. John outran Peter to get to the tomb, yet John was afraid to go inside. He ducked down and reported what he saw. "The linen clothes were lying there." Peter arrives shortly thereafter and doesn't hesitate but runs right into the tomb. John reports what Peter saw. "... and he saw the clothes lying there..." Isn't it interesting that John does not say "the body of Jesus was not there." Something about those linen cloths caught his attention.

He is risen - and linen grave cloths cannot restrain Him.

Matthew reports that the leaders of the Jewish ruling council had the temple soldiers seal the rock that was rolled in front of the tomb. This was probably done with hot pitch or tar. But when Mary Magdalene came to the tomb, she found the seal around the rock and been broken, the rock rolled aside and Jesus was not there.

He is risen - and the solid rock walls of a cave cannot restrain Him.

Later Easter day, the disciples minus Thomas, were together in the room of a home - "in fear of the Jews." John reports that they were behind locked doors. ‘Doors’ is plural here. Not only was the front door locked but the door to the room where they were huddled like frightened puppies was locked also. And Jesus appears in the middle of them.

He is risen - and locked doors cannot restrain Him.

Jesus said, "I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, who is, who was, and who is to come." He is the Word which was present at creation. He is the Word made flesh in the virgin Mary. He is the Word who will come again in judgment. He will judge all people, from all time.

He is risen - and time cannot restrain Him.

Jesus said, "I am He who lives, who was dead but behold, alive forever and ever."

He is risen - and death cannot restrain Him.

Mary Magdalene came to the tomb filled with sorrow and tears. Jesus says to her, "Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?" When Jesus calls Mary by name, the barrier of sorrow is lifted and Mary recognizes the One whom she was seeking.

He is risen – and our grief cannot restrain Him.

The disciples were huddled in fear and Jesus overcame that barrier with an almost casual greeting saying, "Peace to you." The risen Lord brings a peace which this world does not know and cannot give to us.

He is risen – and our fear cannot restrain Him.

When Thomas heard from the others that they had seen the Lord, he found it too hard to believe. The barrier of doubt prevented Thomas from finding what he was looking for. But the risen Lord seeks out Thomas and triumphs over Thomas' doubts.

He is risen – and our doubts cannot restrain Him.

He is risen! And nothing can restrain Him from getting to you.

Come rejoice and celebrate on Easter Sunday, April 17 at 6:30am.

A blessed Easter to you all! Christ is Risen!

Pastor Wagner 


Church Offering Income for the Month of March: $26,618.91.


Registered Visitors at First Trinity for Feb/March 2022 (Visitors who filled out cards.) 

Feb 27 Lyle Osborn – Lenexa, KS; Rosie Hill – Fairbury, NE; Ross/Amy, Mila & Ryker Pfingsten – Lincoln, NE

Mar 6 Jacob/Hannah Meyer – Beatrice, NE

Mar 13 Phillip/Mallory Nelson – Prairie Village, KS; Ava Pfingsten – Arlington, NE; Mark Wollenburg – Milfred, IA; Harley Hashberger – Mankato, KS; Elliot & Anders Weedin – Lincoln, NE; Jeremiah/Karen, Katie, Lauren & Carter Johnson - Grand Island, NE

Mar 16 No Visitors

Mar 20 Harley Hashberger – Mankato, KS; Adrian Brandt – Lincoln, NE; Aric & Zane Brandt – Everton, AR; Landon Cordrey – Brother of Anissa Beethe

Mar 23 Jacob Meyer – Beatrice, NE


First Trinity Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes 

March 8, 2022

The meeting was called to order by Elder Brent Niemeier at 7:30 p.m. Pastor Wagner gave an opening devotion with a reading from Matthew Chapter 20. The minutes of the previous council meeting were approved as presented. Russell Behrends presented the Financial Secretary's report. The Treasurer's report was presented by Ron Malchow. Income received from Financial Secretary for February was $26,764.94, expenses $21,110.13, with an ending balance of $56,590.63. Motion was made to accept financial reports by Dean Damme. Seconded by Kyle Spilker. Motion carried. (see reports)

Elders’ Report –

· Next month’s meeting will be April 12, with the Elders meeting at 7:30 pm. and Council at 8:30 pm.

· The Fish feed is scheduled for September 4th.

Pastor’s Report – Pastor Timothy Wagner

· Pastors Conference will be March 14-15 in Kearney.

· Lenten services will continue Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.

· Pastor will be on vacation Sunday, April 3. Pastor Schauer will substitute.

Trustee’s Report – Darin Pohlmann and Matt Brott

· Replaced sump pump in parsonage basement at a cost of around $600.

· Had a plumber out to repair shower in parsonage.

· Have not heard back on repairing pew ends.

· Received insurance payment for roof wind damage: $632.21 for the church and $24,258.08 for the school making a total of $24,890.29. After the $5000 deductible the check we received was for $19,890.29.

· Presented sole bid for repainting all painted surfaces on church exterior, including steeple, for $6,975.75 from Van’s Waterproofing. Several other companies were contacted but declined to give bids.

Stewardship / Board of Education – Not present. No report.

Sunday School Superintendent - Not present. No report.

Cemetery Sexton – Not present. No report.

Old Business

· All Seasons Heating and Air were out last week and are putting together bids for a new HVAC system for the school building.

· New LED lights have been installed in the school kitchen. Kyle Spilker indicated that style of light fixture is very time consuming to install and will be looking for alternatives for the fellowship hall.

New Business · None.

Motion to adjourn by Kyle Spilker. Secondedd by Dean Damme. 

Motion carried. Meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 8:35 p.m. 

Members present include: Pastor Wagner, Dean Damme, Brent Niemeier, Ron Malchow, Russ Behrends, Darin Pohlmann, Matt Brott, and Kyle Spilker. Submitted by Secretary Kyle Spilker.